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online bank find an online bank to suit you

online bank

find an online bank to suit you

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flagstar bank logo r

Flagstar online bank offer great online banking services to meet all your savings, spending, financing and investment needs.

This online bank offers every service you could need to save and earn interest through a variety of financial accounts and tools, including a full complement of loans, $1 minimum deposits and no minimum balance for savings, but watch out for the overdraft fees for checking which among are the highest of online only banks.

capital one logo r

CapitalOne 360 online bank will handle all your personal banking needs, giving you 24-hour banking access and good customer service.

At Capital One online bank there are no minimum deposits or balances with savings and checking accounts and there is no checking overdraft fee.

You cannot get personal, auto or business loans, only mortgages and home equity loans. There are no money market accounts, and savings deposits are capped at $1 million.

ally-bank-logo r

Ally online bank offers easy-to-use services with zero-balance accounts and customer focus on checking, savings and retirement tools, as well as auto loans.

Ally online bank offers accounts with no minimum deposits or balances and the lowest overdraft fee, but this online only bank does not offer standard personal loans, mortgages or educational savings plans.

everbank r2

EverBank online bank is for those who are serious about returns and investing. It offers full savings and checking services and a high introductory interest rate.

EverBank offers a full complement of savings and checking features and options, including options for investing in foreign currency and precious metals, but this online bank has the highest deposit minimums to open accounts and does not offer auto or personal loans.

56060-bank-of-internet-usa-box r

Bankof Internet USA is a good online bank for customers who are looking for an online bank with savings, checking or money market accounts and CDs. It typically offers higher interest rates than some competitors.

This online bank offers quality options that include savings and money market accounts as well as CDs and high-interest checking, all designed to maximize your returns, but it lacks most standard types of loans and does not offer IRAs or educational savings plans. Its minimum deposit is more than most competitors.

igobanking r

iGObg ankinonline bank offers standard personal banking features, such as checking and savings accounts and CDs, to help you achieve most short- and long-term savings and spending goals.

iGObanking lets you bank and manage your money from any location at anytime of the day you want. It’s simple and easy to use, but this online bank does not offer loans, overdraft protection on checks or educational savings accounts. It charges the highest overdraft fee of all the online banks on this page.

gobank r

GoBank online bank offers great customer support and is designed to attract 20-something smartphone users to its online banking services. 

Designed for mobile users, this online bank mails paper checks to your payees when you fill out digital checks online. Accounts require no minimum balance, but you do not receive interest on your deposits, and there are no savings options or loans when you bank online with GoBank.

fnbo-direct r

FNBO direct online bank may be a good choice if you’re looking for higher interest rates and don’t want traditional checking or loans.

This online only bank offers savings, CDs and an educational savings plan, but it does not offer a checking account or loans.

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